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5 Vital Reasons Why You Should Only Wear the Best Work Boots

If you are short on cash or you are just starting on a new your job, you may be debating whether to go for those top notch work boots or just buy some cheap work boots and save yourself a dime. After all, pretty any work boot can offer some level of protection on the job site.

The fact is, only the best work boots can withstand the risks posed by the most rugged working environments. Below are 5 key reasons why you should always opt for a pair of durable and comfortable work boots. 

1. Durability 
High Quality shoes are made from high quality leather for the uppers, a sturdy welt construction and durable outsoles among others. As a result, such boots can withstand even the most rugged work zones keeping you safe and protected as you go about your duties. In the long run, you will end up saving on repairs and costs of buying new boots. 

2. Quality boots minimize risk of developing hammer toes 
Majority of low class, cheap work boots have a narrow toe box. Such boots press the toes inwards leading to formation of hammer toes- a situation where muscles in the large toe stiff and bend at the joint forming a painful corn. Other toes eventually bend leading to deformation of the feet. 

It’s important to note that most of the cheap work boots do not have a return closure forcing buyers to end up wearing a work boot that does not fit perfectly. 

3. Minimizing the risk of developing Plantar fasciitis 
The insole of a work boot should offer support and provide a soft landing for the foot. If the insole is overlay thin or extra hard, it exerts excessive pressure on the lower part of the foot. This leads to inflammation of the connective tissue in the heel area, a condition known as Plantar fasciitis. 

Quality work boots often come with quality insoles and also offer replacements when the current insoles start wearing off. 

4. Poor quality work boots can cause chronic back pain 
Statistics by American Chiropractic Association shows that up to fifty percent of workers suffer from back pain. So, what causes the pain? 

Basically, when your current pair of budget friendly’ boots leads to bad arch support, your gait pattern changes and this indirectly affects muscles in your back region. Over time, the discomfort slowly turns to pain. Its extremely important in the case of police boots when having the right pair of shoes mayve the difference between mission success or failure.

Through extensive research, leading work boot manufacturers are able to closely match your needs thus minimizing the risk of adorning a work boot that will affect your health negatively.

5. Quality boots can withstand high level impact 
If you work in areas such as construction zones or welding sites, the risk of stepping on sharp objects or your feet getting injured by falling objects is ever high. 

The good news is that top quality work boots are tested repeatedly to ensure they can withstand intense pressure and high level impact. This eliminates or minimizes the risk of suffering debilitating injuries when such accidents occur. 

Final word 
Your health should be your number one consideration in whatever job you are involved in. Sourcing for the best work boots is a great way to minimize chances of suffering injuries or developing health complications over time.